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Chinese; name of a dynasty; man
letter; symbol; character
letter; symbol; character; word
phồn. (漢字)
giản. (汉字)

(This form in the hanzi box is uncreated: "汉字".)

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漢字汉字 (hànzì): Chinese characters, showing the Traditional Chinese script on the left, and Simplified Chinese script on the right.

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  1. Chữ Hán.

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Kanji trong mục từ này
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漢字 (kyūjitai)

From Tiếng Deori compound 漢字 (literally “Han Chinese + character”). Compare modern Bản mẫu:cog 漢字汉字 (hànzì), Bản mẫu:cog 漢字汉字 (hàn-jī).

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(かん)() (kanji

  1. kanji

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The term literally means “Chinese characters”, and refers broadly to any such ideographic or logographic character originating in written Chinese, or created anew along similar lines. This latter category includes some characters created in Japan from originally Chinese elements and called , and other characters that were modified over time into distinctly Japanese forms and called . Contrast with , uniquely Japanese phonetic characters derived either from cursive forms of kanji (the ) or from shorthand that abbreviated characters to use just specific parts of the original kanji (the ).

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  • Tiếng Anh: kanji

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Hanja trong mục từ này

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漢字 (hanja) (hangeul 한자)

  1. Dạng hanja? của 한자 (Chinese character; hanja).

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Bản mẫu:ryu-noun

  1. Chinese character

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Chữ Hán trong mục từ này

Noun sửa


  1. Dạng chữ Hán của Hán tự (Chinese character).