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:::If I understand what you're asking for, HTML doesn't provide any way to automatically indent anything below an HTML heading tag. (Well, XHTML 2.0 will have that with the <code><section></code> tag, but that's not something we can plan for right now.) We'd have to stuff entire sections of wikitext into a template call, meaning that an entire entry could be between the curly brackets of the {{LKTB|-vie-}} template, for example. The only other thing we could do is to adopt the French Wiktionary's practice of styling the headings with custom borders and images, but I find that quite distracting. &ndash;&nbsp;[[Thành viên:Mxn|Nguyễn Xuân Minh]] <small>([[Thảo luận Thành viên:Mxn|thảo luận]], [[Đặc biệt:Contributions/Mxn|đóng góp]])</small> 07:28, 20 tháng 9 2006 (UTC)
::::Well, they certainly did a very good job. I had a thought about using bottom border for the heading, I know it will look better if the entry has a long content, but for short one i'm not too sure. But I guess they are smart to use the dotted border instead of solid one, and they also made it gray which is very good. What we can do is we can make the gray a bit lighter so it won't look distracting. And also I like the icons before the heading, especially the icons for main sections like nouns and verbs... they have the same icon so it's easy to remember, and it's good because it brings out the main sections. I realize how they put the Pronunciation on bottom, I guess they want to keep the main sections on to so it looks clean, it's a good idea but Im not too sure about it though. --[[Thành viên:Zeke|Zeke]] 14:26, 20 tháng 9 2006 (UTC)

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