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==Vietnamese variation on spelling==
Today, there are 2 styles of spelling in Vietnamese, one is "old", the other "new". The "old" style is based on "symmetry", while the "new" is based on a theory of pronunciation.
Example : [[hòa]] is exactly equivalent to [[hoà]], where "hòa" is the "old" style, "hoà" the new style.
Here is an attemp to list all cases where the two styles are differently spelled.
! Old !! New
| òa, óa, ỏa, õa, ọa|| oà, oá, oả, oã, oạ
| òe, óe, ỏe, õe, ọe || oè, oé, oẻ, oẽ, oẹ
| ùy, úy, ủy, ũy, ụy || uỳ, uý, uỷ, uỹ, uỵ
Also, "i" and "y" can be interchanged, if they are used at the '''end''' of the base word and there is only a '''consonant''' right in front of them. E.g. "lí" = "lý".
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