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Thao Duong is known as a fresh marketer in Hanoi. She was born on 16th October 1992, in Ninh Binh province. She graduated from National Economics University on April 2014, her major is Business Administration.
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About her marketing career, she gained marketing online experiences and knowledge during her internship in PeaceSoft.Corp in 2013, although marketing online is not her strength.
From October 2013, she started her work in [ MCD Vietnam] ( a local NGO working in the field of community development and coastal protection) as a marketing and communication intern (and then is collaborator)
:* [[gà bươi]]
In MCD Vietnam, she has responsible for managing website and facebook content, writing PR articles, making media clips, supporting events, translating document, making daily internal newsletter and sort of things. In MCD, she had opportunities to travel many provinces in the north of Vietnam - which helps her understand some customs and common characteristics of local people there.
'''gà bới'''
During her internship in MCD, she realized that she could help local people who live on havesting and selling clam, by expanding their market to Hanoi and oversea market and building brand for local clam. She has been building brand identity for a local clam enterprise and she also has responsible for finding new market, new customer for the enterprise. Up to now, she's still supporting sales and marketing activities in the enterprise.
# Dùng để [[hình dung]] [[chữ viết]] quá xấu.
#: ''Thằng con nhà đó viết chữ như '''gà bới''' ấy.''
On September 2014, she joined in Vietnamobile as a trade marketing intern. She operates roadshows of VNM in universities (1 show per week), joins in internal audit activities, generates and brainstorm slogan, name for new products/ packages of VNM. Sadly speaking, trade marketing position in VNM is temporary and will be ended when roadshows finished. She has no opportunity to develop herself. That's why she's looking for a new challenge.
She's a fan of Marilyn Monroe. She does not admire Marilyn's performance, she loves MM's lifestyle - sexy is not about getting 90 - 60 - 90 size, it's about being confident and understanding yourself well. You don't have to be good at everything, choosing something you're really good at, and make them become the best
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